Month: August 2019

Fellows! When we say food items the first things which comes in mind is TASTE and AROMA, which means that Food Trends in Australia without taste and aroma is nothing, no matter how best you cook and present it (if thee taste isn’t good it won’t work at all).  

This has been witnessed in so many cafés, restaurant and everywhere that owners are spending their money and ideas on presentation of the cafes and restaurant and not on the actual food and quality of food. In order to understand this trend one has to get there first! Fellows these days every café is trendy, the ambiance is amazing, the presentation of food is amazing but the actual things which make the food; food is missing and that is quality of food and aroma which means they are just spending money on presentation and not on anything else. Presentation of the food is important but the taste is the most important thing which one has to understand by all means. They are charging for the sake of presentation and not the quality of food. Furthermore, quality of food is being compromised by concentrating a lot on quantity of food, which means that food industry is concentrating more, and more on quantity of food and not the quality of food. Quality of food is being rectified not by good quality of food but by the quantity and presentation of food items. This trend has been observed more because the ingredients they are using are so low quality that they themselves cannot do anything about it. 

This trend of food misconception is prevailing in market heavily and there isn’t any hope of this trend to fade away, because we as consumers are well informed but still we get confused by this concept of quantity over quality; this is true fellows! People are aware but still marketers can easily manipulate things the way they want to, it is something true that presentation of Australian food Statistics has taken so much place that it has eliminated the actual concept of quality of food which includes taste of food, aroma of food and the overall essence of food. Fellows there are certain things which are considered as the most important aspect in food item i.e. taste and value for money. Value for money seems something related to finance but in real the problem is when we buy something (in our mind) we try to match the price with the quality and quantity of the product if it matches; our satisfaction level increases from scale 2 to scale 15 and vice versa (if the food you bought is not value for money). australian-food