Month: July 2016


For a restaurant owner, commercial coffee machines are a must have. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks today, and with more and more customers bound to order it, even the smallest restaurant at the corner should stock a coffee machine. However, most people are faced with a dilemma between the traditional bean to cup machine and the more advanced espresso machine when making a purchasing decision. For the small restaurants especially, here are some reasons why it is not necessary to splash cash on an espresso machine.

Customers come to the restaurant for the quality and consistency. When it comes to drink quality, the espresso machine will likely produce a higher quality coffee drink. But this will require the constant attention of a barista. However, in a small restaurant setting, there will likely not be a resident barista and different employees will be operating the machine at different times. This might lead to inconsistencies. To keep the customers coming back, the simple bean to cup type is appropriate. It has a push button and is guaranteed to produce the same consistent quality regardless of whoever pushes the button.

The small seafood restaurant in Sydney might have issues with space. The same issue is faced by many employers when seeking office coffee machines. The bean to grind machine is smaller and more compact. It takes up less of the restaurant or office space as it does not need the common accessories associated with the espresso machine such as the barista kits, drawers and filters.

For consistent quality, the coffee machine needs to be cleaned regularly. From coffee machine to slush machine hire and purchase, one of the most tedious jobs operators commit themselves to is the cleaning. From cleaning the pots and bowls to emptying the coffee filters and condenser filters. The typical espresso machine is especially tedious to clean with the barista kits. However, the smaller bean to cup machine is easy to clean, taking as little as five minutes every day. In most bean to cup machines, the cleaning process runs automatically. This way, employees can concentrate on other tasks while the coffee machine cleans itself.

These bean to cup machines are very versatile. There is not much involved in operating one, all the operator has to do is press a button. The coffee is then dispensed in between 25 to 30 seconds. With such versatility, they can be used either in over the counter applications or in a self-service set up. They are ideal in any restaurant depending on the direction the owner wants to take with their service.

Most people think about capacity of coffee machines when buying and forget to compare that to the machine performance. A machine can be able to produce 500 cups but the rate at which the cups are dispensed will be very slow. For espresso machines, for one to achieve performance they have to go for the more expensive machines with more boilers and baristas. However, for the bean to cup, the speed is consistent throughout the day.

Most of us would have heard that eating organic food as opposed to processed foods is good for you, but do you actually know why? Do you know if there is a difference between natural, organic and locally grown foods? As a matter of fact there is.

Any food labelled “organic” has been produced according to strict guidelines provided by the Department of Agriculture. Usually organic foods are grown in an environment free of any synthetic chemicals. Weeds are controlled by methods like hand weeding, tilling and mulching and pests are controlled utilizing birds, traps and other insects. Only natural fertilisers like compost and manure can be used for fertilization. Organic livestock must be raised in their natural surroundings (e.g. Ruminants must be able to graze) and they must not be given any antibiotics in the absence of illness, although vaccination is allowed. They must only be fed organic feed. There are a few controversies about categorizing fish as organic. GMOs are not considered organic. Foods labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘locally grown’ do not follow these strict guidelines. 

So how does organic food help you?

It’s non-toxic

Most of the traditionally grown fruits and vegetables absorb a small proportion of the chemicals used on them. Upon prolonged exposure these can cause serious health issues like chronic headaches, allergies, and even cancer. Washing andpeeling these fruits and veggies will only remove some of the toxins. Hence, even though we are supposedly eating fresh foods, we are actually ingesting very small doses of toxins. Unlike these, organic foods give you the nutrition you need minus the toxins.

Organic livestock have access outdoors and live under sanitary conditions. Their traditional counterparts are raised under extreme stress. They are caged and usually have to live with the constant smell urine and faeces. They are given antibiotics to prevent disease. These antibiotics accumulate in our bodies making us immune to them. So if we get sick our bodies will not respond to these antibiotics. Visit this page for further information regarding lose weight fast.

Organic farming protects the environment and the water systems.It also ensures the welfare of the livestock.

Helps keep your body in shape and boosts immunity

Organic foods are low in calories and high in fibre and nutrients (e.g. vitamins and antioxidants), thus keep you energized and full for longer. This is the magic behind organic weight loss food. You can eat as much organic food as you like, but you still lose those extra pounds. Contrarily, dieting usually leaves you feeling lethargic, deprived and craving for more. 

Organic foods are easy to digest and will prevent problems like constipation, bloating and indigestion. The high antioxidant content in organic foods will also boost your immune system. Processed foods will make you feel lethargic as your body must work hard to digest the chemicals and absorb the few nutrients in it.

Organic food vs. slimming teas and pills

Slimming tea is popularly used in weight loss programs. If you look in the market there will be so many brands and types such as Happy Valley, slim tea Australia, Nutra-Slim Tea etc. Though their effectiveness is not up to discussion here, it is safe to day that none of these slimming teas alone can bring the same results of a healthy organic diet. While they may help you lose a few pounds they will not boost your immune system and provide all the nutrients you will need for a healthy body. If you stop using them you will probably gain all the pounds you lost.

Weight loss pills are probably the worst option. You will be introducing a lot of unnecessary chemicals into your body, and prolonged use will damage your kidneys.